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What we do exactly

  • Clean up the bad stuff

    First, we get rid of all viruses, malware, malicious code, and bad links on your website.

  • Restore the site from backup

    In case you have a backup. Otherwise, we work with its current version.

  • Protect it from future infections
    We install the CleanTalk Security plugin to avoid infecting in the future. You get a 1-website license for 1 year as a gift.
  • Free 30-day help with reinfection

    As a guarantee of our work we continue to be with you and will get back to work if needed.

You can trust us

  • 10+ years of fighting malware and spam

    We are aware of all the dangers that can threaten your website and how to deal with them.
  • 65+ CVE reports published

    And we continue to share found vulnerabilities in our blog.
  • 220 000+ active users
    of our plugins

    Not counting users that don't use WordPress.
  • Why manual malware removal instead of automatic
    Automated solutions can be enough to find most known viruses and malware and often are low cost or free.

    The problem is that they often over-insure and accept your files as bad ones, causing large file and data losses during automatic site cures. A specialist can always distinguish your files from malicious ones even if it's a custom code.

    Another thing is that every day there are new viruses and malware that are still unknown to automated solutions and only a human can detect and get rid of them.

6 signs that your website might be infected

  • Unusual activity in Server logs
    Server logs contain access logs that display the users
    who have recently accessed your website.
  • Your website is slow
    Hackers deploy DoS attacks to overload your server resources, thus impacting your website speed and performance.
  • Emails ending in the Spam folder
    This happens when your web server is infected with malware. As a result, email servers categorize your emails as “spam”.
  • Pop-up and Spam Ads
    Usually happens when you have installed an insecure plugin or theme. Hackers earn money when visitor clicks on them.
  • Modified website files
    To insert backdoors and other malicious code in your site, hackers often modify your website core files.
  • Website being redirected
    Hackers often deploy cross-site scripting (or XSS) attacks
    to send your website traffic to unsolicited websites.

How it works

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Amilcar Lewis
Firstly I had a problem. I believe with being blocked from logging into the backend of and Almaz advised me promptly and together we found a solution to update the CleanTalk plugin database and personal lists. I truly appreciated that.

Then I had a problem with manually conducting a scan for malware through the plugin. Sergio helped me through that issue -again promptly - He helped me to isolate and delete some infected files

Finally there was a more serious issue with the being redirected to a gaming malware site whenever being searched in google or typed directly this was when Serge, Dimitry and the rest of the CleanTalk search team ran some tests but then ultimately advised me to get CleanTalk to manually clean and cure

The entire CleanTalk team were thorough and amazing and quick to fix whatever is needed
Scott Wentworth
Online Marketing Strategist in WEBLAB ONLINE
I had 2 websites that had been hacked and infected for at least a year, the CleanTalk Team helped me fix both websites in a week, and the infections have not come back, almost 6 months later. I am happy with their service and would recommend them to anyone that is having security issues with their websites.
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CleanTalk Security Plugin for 1 year for $9.00 FREE

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